The human element is deemed as the first factor in success of every enterprise and from here we are highly concerned in Abdullah AlOthaim Markets Company to attract and hire the best of competences by the employment team of the company. Each person shall be entitled to apply for obtaining a job that is consistent with his qualifications through submitting his employment application by a number of methods including:

  • Remunerative salaries, incentives and rewards.
  • Specified career which can easily be accessed.
  • Continuous and free training programs in different aspects like English language, computer and business administration.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance for the employee and his dependents
  • Special deductions in Abdullah AlOthaim Markets amounting to 10% for the company employees with possibility to purchase on credit from the company branches.
  • Charity Cards campaign.
  • Approved and certified certificates of experience
  • Workplace shall be at the nearest branch to your residence.
Remote work programs
The Company in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) provides hundreds of jobs for remote work using the best of technologies and other suitable means appropriate in such kind of work and as a contribution by its part to achieve the following
  • Increasing the chances for woman work through remote work.
  • Increasing the chances for employing those of special needs who are capable to implement the job tasks remotely.
Programs of cooperative training
The company in cooperation with the training units at the Technical & Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) made the opportunity available to many trainees before their graduation to become familiar with actual work environment as well as be ware of the practical status of their specializations and training them to face the work situations and exercising these practically inside the company branches and departments that are distributed all through the Kingdom aiming to realize the following objectives:
  • Making the opportunity available to the trainee to obtain the practical experience and training before graduation.
  • Making the opportunity available to the trainee to practically identify the work environment.
  • Deepening the trainee understanding for his specialization.
  • Strengthening responsibility and becoming strict in time and good dealing with others.
  • Becoming aware and acquainted by the equipment and installations present in the work sector.
Programs of cooperative training
The Company in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor makes announcements for summer training opportunities to Saudi students in all parts of the Kingdom as a contribution form its side to achieve the following objectives:
  • Training the student in the filed of using modern technology, machinery and equipment to realize a better job achievement.
  • Accomplishing the role of universities and institutes by supplementing the role of education in establishing the knowledge learned by the student and extending to the training stage in the work field.
  • Developing the skills that aim to let the trainee performs his duties and responsibilities in a better manner and with the least effort possible.
These include the following
  • Technical skills
  • Intellectual skills.
  • Human skills .
  • Development of positive trends in work together with improvement of performance levels