About Company

Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Company

It is an extension to Saleh Al Othaim Trading Establishment being founded in the year 1376H (1956G) by the late Sheikh Saleh Al Othaim whereby the establishment opened its first location in the heart of the commercial business area by that time in the village of Al Gusman at Al Batha and started doing business in trading of food stuffs. In 1401H/1980G Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Trading Company was founded to continue the line through widening the business and opening wholesale and retail stores in the same activity. The largest turning point in the company course was in the year 1410H/1990G when the number of stores reached fourteen (14), at that time the system of consumer's wholesale trade was applied in all stores belonging to the company and as such Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Company became leading in this field. In the year 1412H/1992G, big warehouses with international standards of warehousing were opened to support growth and development of this company with its numerous centers and these warehouses were equipped with the most modern dry and cold storage in addition to increase in the distribution vehicles fleet in order to promote the service level provided to clients together with facilitating cooperation with suppliers. The company is continuing its expansion strategy and increase of stores base all over the Kingdom according to an integrated vision and renewed concern aiming to provide distinguished and comprehensive services to all clients.

Chariman's Message


It is a pleasure to me to invite you to Abdullah Al Othaim Markets web site… the leading consumers’ products provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This web site is intended to sustain the relationship with our valued consumers and enhance the strategy of the company by starting new branches and outlets in various regions of the Kingdom. The Web sits introduces the company’s achievements in foodstuff and consumer’s products as well as its activities, offers, services and incentives in a way that can fortify the consumer’s loyalty to Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Company. We emphasize that Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Company is the proper gate that meets your needs and carries out closer interaction with you. The main challenge we face now is to sustain our success story exponentially as we have a strong belief that we should exert more effort to maintain our success and build more intimate ties with our clients. We’ll be glad if you spend some time visiting our web site, and any comments and queries shall be warmly welcome


Chief Executive's Message


I am pleased to welcome our valuable customers who visit Abdullah Al Othaim markets website. We ensure our eagerness to improve and distinguish our consumer products and food varieties that we provide. This will achieve high levels of quality and elegant services to meet your demands, and to be our motivation for the continuous development. I would like to highlight the great efforts of the executive team and all employees in all sectors and branches to achieve our future successes. We are looking forward to more distinction, success and hard work to move forward in enhancing our branches coverage to all kingdom cities and provinces. This will truly allow us to maintain our distinctive market position that the company has achieved in retail sector thanks to god and to our determination, insistence and ambition that have been supported with our customers and partners trust. Today, we are proud of our achievements and development due to god’s favor and customers trust and their continues support. We ensure that we are still keeping our promise and we keen to develop our national calibers and to attract more Saudi youth competencies to drive the company as a part of our beliefs in social responsibilities.

Chief Executive Officer

Our Vision

To work within an integrated system to maintain the good and intellectual image of the company.

Our Mission

Strengthening the company's position in the trade of food and consumer sector, according to the mechanisms of action include the following :

  • Meeting needs and desires of clients
  • Commitment to legitimate controls and abiding to prevailing customs and traditions
  • Giving more attention to social responsibility programs and community service
  • Qualifying the national cadres
  • Giving more focus for our partners in success like clients, suppliers and employees
  • Commitment to quality and work according to professional standards
  • Rapid interaction with market variables


The higher management of Abdullah AlOthaim Markets Company and its staff are committed to provide their various services with the highest standards of quality and food safety and against affordable prices on time, in a manner that achieves the company's objectives and the customer satisfaction through the following policies:

  • Meet the clients' requirements in a manner to match the local and international conditions and standards for food quality and safety throughout all the company's activities, as well as compliance with the regulatory rules and regulations and permanent awareness of our staff with the quality policy and objectives according to the international specification ISO 9001:2015 and food safety law according to the international specification ISO 22000:2005.
  • Provision of the required sources to obtain all the company's requirements in order to achieve the company's objectives in offering products and services at the highest standards of quality and safety
  • Provision of the human resources required for operating and developing the services offered and ensure the powers and responsibilities and promote them within the organization
  • Update and upgrade the performance methods through developing the capabilities and skills of the company's human resources through carrying out training courses, awareness and provision of professional scientific references within the company to maintain the highest levels of service and the best quality and product safety
  • Provision of the required infrastructure and application of the latest technologies to achieve the company's objectives and match the global developments in the retail field and continuous improvement of food quality and safety systems
  • Periodic revision of the food quality and safety policies by both the management and the external audit

The higher management of the company is keen to publish and promote this policy and make it clear to all the company's staff and always ensures their applicability and suitability with the company's objectives and ambitions through the periodic audit of this policy