Othaim Holding
Othaim Holding is of major companies in the Kingdom, in terms of economic activity and investment diversity.. An extension of Saleh Othaim Trading, which was founded by the late Sheikh Saleh Othaim God bless his soul in 1376 AH (1956 AD) in the capital Riyadh. Consists Othaim Holding Company of integrated investment system extends to the various regions of the Kingdom...
Othaim Real estate and Investment Company
Othaim Real estate and Investment Company (one of Othaim's Holding Company) is considered one of the specialized companies in managing, marketing, organizing and operating a large commercial malls. It committee to the latest international standards in the process of selecting the appropriate location and attract international and local agencies, in addition to have that specialized management يال ....
Saffori Land
Saffori Land is a member of ORIDECO Al Othaim Real Estate Investment & Development Co. Saffori Land (Family Entertainment Center) will contribute to work towards pinoeering role in the filed of entertainment. Our ambition is to become number 1 in world class leisure industry....
Iktissab Company
Iktissab offers the loyalty program for Othaim Markets company, where the company express its appreciation to the customers for choosing Othaim Markets. Customers will earn cash while they are shopping from our stores and it will be added as a credit to their card to be used in the future, and they will get benefit from the program discounts.
Zod Factory
Zod Factory for pastries and bakeries is one of the entities belongs to Othaim Markets Company, the factory was established to full fill the vision of the company to provide differentiated and high quality products to all customers. The new factory was built on an land of 8,352 square meters and a capacity of up to 100 tons of products per day, and offers more than 200,000 items a day which represent more than 325 varieties.
Thamarat AlQassim
Thamarat AlQassim fruits is a company specialized in the cultivation of agricultural and organic vegetables, animal husbandry and livestock production, it was established in 2013 based in the northern of AlQassim province on a total area of more than 4.5 million square meters and it is one of the entities of the Othaim Markets company, the company allows Othaim Markets to provide high quality vegetables and meat in all stores with very competitive prices for the customers, the farms currently produces 40% of its production capacity and it is expected to be completed at the end of 2015.
Al Othaim Training and Development Academy
The Center for Training Alothaim free and which established the 25 / Ramadan / 1420, corresponding to 01 / January / 2000, the first building block to the aspirations of the company Abdullah Al Othaim Markets actors to contribute to support state policy sponsored by God in the localization sector to the Saudi youth
Mueen Recruitment
Mueen Recruitment is a Saudi closed joint stock company with a paid-up capital of 100 million Riyals. Mueen owned by Elite Saudi Businessmen. The Company offer recruitment services for individual and corporate market